1-Use good quality cdrs (tdk,sony,verbatim).
2-Send setlists or artwork.
3-Only DAO shows, not gaps, pops, cliks, etc. between songs.
4-I extract with exact audio copy, it´s the best solution.
5-NO MP3.
6-If you contact, you send first (only the first time).

10.000 Maniacs.
-Cool white stare, live july 88.

-NME 2001. no setlist, no date.

--Reading 2001.
-Live at wireless.06-oct.96.
-Acoustic in seattle 2002.
-Dusseldorf wdr festival 15-4-01.
-Nothingam rock city 4-12-01.

Australian blonde.
-Teatro kapital, Madrid, 27-06-01 no setlist.

Badly drawn boy.
-Berbatis pan, 16-05-01 2cd. No setlist.
-Barfly sessions, no setlist no date.
-Glastonbury 2002, no date, no setlist.

B.B. King.
-Live in San Sebastián, 26-07-00.

Beautiful south.
-Bus stop blues, 06-99.

-Live at the wiltern, 08-05-99.

Belle and Sebastian.
-Black sessions, 06-10-98 París.
-The fall of Belgium, Brussels 98.
-Live Benicassim 2001 (with dj talk).
-Mark radcliffe sessions and john peel sessions 7/98.
-A kind of magic- Stockholm 19-03-02 and Dublin dic-01.
-Boys are back in town- Vancouver 13-09-01 and Belfast 21-12-01.
-Bowlie, london 22-4-99.
-Camber sands, england, 25-4-99.
-The warfield, san francisco, 08-9-01.

-Violently live, live 1993.
-Unplugged usa 94.
-Olé, live benicassim, spain, 09-08-98.

Black Crowes.
-The southern gig, live at university center hammond,la, feb.4, 1993.

-live 15-9-94 Boston.(blured vision).
-Modrophenia, live on tour 94.
-A knees-up at mile end.
-It´s been emotional, 24-02-99.
-Aston villa parklife, 5-10-94.
-The bbc took Justine away from me.

Bob Dylan.
-Live Verona 28-05-84 2cd.
-From the coast of barcelona, live europe 84 2cd.
-Outfidels, outtakes infidels.
-Come baby, rock me., live usa 86.
-The final night and more; live 17-10-87. 2cd.
-Avignon, 25-7-81 2cd.
-Lucky luke, pat garret outtakes.
-Vissions of Johana, vcd.
-Toronto 24-4-80 2vcd.
-San Jose revisited, live 09-05-92.
-S. Francisco bay blues live 10-06-98.
-Hard rain 76 vcd.
-Clearwater, 22-04-76 VCD.
-Hard to handle VCD.
-Videos, tv performances and field recordings 3VCD.

Bob Marley and the Wailers.
-Rastaman at the roxy, 23-05-76 2cd.

Bruce Springsteen.
-Winterland night, 15-12-78, 3cd.
-Kansas city night, 19-11-84 3cd.
-Boston night, 22-08-99, 2cd.
-All those years, various live 5cd.
-The lost masters vol.1.
-The lost masters vol.18.
-The lost masters vol.19.
-The lost masters the essential collection vol.1 2cd.
-The lost masters the essential collection vol.2.2cd.
-Video antology 1978-2000 2avi or 4vcd.
-Blood brother avi or vcd.
-Hammersmith odeon 75 vcd.

-Smith´s old bar, 18-04-95.

-Concierto f.i . benicassim 07-08-03.

Cardigans, the.
-stockolm, 19-03-99.

Cat Stevens.
-kcet studios, 08-06-71.

Chameleons, the.
-Here today… gone tomorrow- radio sessions.

Clash, the
-New york bonds, 09-06-1981 2cd.
-Into the 80´s, 20-05-82.

-Copenhagen, 03-12-00.
-Ep´s and b-sides.
-High speed-hmv store-.
-At the forum 2cd.

Coral, the.
-Glastonbury, 29-06-02. no setlist.

Cranberries, the.
-Loud and clear, live lyon 24-7-00.
-Beneath the skin, live paris 2vcd.

Credence clearwater revival.
-Travelin´ band 31-01-70, oakland, easy reader generation concerts serie.

Cure, the.
-Full moon concert, live switzerland, july 6 1990 2cd.

Crowed House.
-Newcastle 90.
-Sidney opera house, 26-11-96, 2cd.

David Bowie.
-Little wonder in Paradiso, live Amsterdam 10-06-97.
-Supergolden radio shows, live los angeles 74 2cd.
-Supergolden radio shows, live in london 73 with jeff beck.
-50 dead dogs, 09-jan-97 2cd.
-Alternative biography, live tracks, 12´,...2cd.
-Live inside, live 95 usa tour, 2cd.
-Montreal 13-jul-83, 2cd.
-VH1 storytellers.
-A portrait in flesh, l.a., universal anphiteathre, 05-9-74 2cd.
-A cat from london, shibuya,public hall, tokyo-japan, 20-04-73.

David Sylvian.
-live in theathre 1988.

-Swimming with your boots on, munich 12-06-95.

-Conciertos de radio 3, Julio-03. no setlist.

Depeche mode.
-Live in David Gahan-s Pants, may 20, 94.
-The demos. Construction time agin through violator. 2cd.
-Frankfurt 90 avi.

Divine Comedy, the.
-Paris, 21-02-2001 2cd.

Doors, the.
-Palace of exile, live 8-03-70.

-Glastonbury 02 and t in the park 02. no setlist.

Eagle eye cherry.
-Conciertos de Radio 3 28-0ct-03.

Echo and the bunnymen.
-Empire teathre, Liverpool, 11-01-88.

-Vienna, 01-11-01

-Wolverhampton hall. 29-may-00.

Eric Clapton.
-Budokan, 4-dic-01 2VCD.

Fiona Apple.
-Spankin live music, live mtv sony studios, 11-03-99.

Flaming lips, the.
-kcrw studios, august 02.

Fleetwood mac.
-Up to close I and II –2cd-radio broadcast. No setlist.

-Version 2.5 the update, live germany 20 jun 98.
-The g files, live 25-11-95 amsterdam.

Gaye, Marvin.
-Live at kennedy center, Washington, 01-06-72.

-If the dress fits (the unofficial bootleg).
-Royal alber hall, 01-03-97.no setlist.
-Live at the forum, 2-03-94. no setlist.

-Sweden, -6-03-00.

-A hymn for the b-sides.


Husker du.
-Supernova, 21-06-87.

-Radio 3 concerts, 11-jun-03, not setlist.

Iggy Pop.
-Rock hard, live 17-07-94 and 20-07-88.
-The complete channel tapes, live 10-07-88.
-Metalhead, live berlin 26-1-91.

Jam, the.
-Niñght at the teathre, london, 3-12-79.

-Come home 98.

-Oriental performance 1980.

Joy Division.
-Baines douches, 18-12-79. no setlist

Kate bush.
-Feel it live, 1979.

Kristin Hersh.
-Sparkle, live 94.

Kula Shaker.
-Copenhagen, 20-01-99.
-Hotta Stirrer, germany 24-06-97.

-live Vienna, april 19, 2002 2cd.

-Europe 92, live at the astoria, london, 15-10-92.
-The secret life of evan dando. McCabe´s guitar shop. Sta.monica, ca, may 93.no setlist.

Lenny Kravitz.
-Rebel rebel, rare tracks and tv shows.

Leonard Cohen.
-ladies man in concert, 21-5-93 zurich.2cd.
-I´m a hotel vcd.

Libertines, the.
-Conciertos de radio 3, Julio-03. no setlist.

Los planetas.
-La riviera, Madrid, 29-11-02 2cd. No setlist.
-Fib 2002 no setlist.
-Conciertos radio 3, 1998.
-Sesion planetaria, radio 3 diario pop, 1999.

-Fillmore west, 23-11-70.

Luther Allison.
-Live in chicago (not DAO).

-Mtv unplugged 2-15-95 and 4-19-95.

Lloyd Cole.
-Sweetheart, live 1991.

Manic Street Preachers.
-Black Roses, live Phoenix festival, july 19, 1996.
-More finesse, live cardiff, wales, 8-03-01.Some gaps in the last song.
-Unplugged, various.
-Acoustic tracks, various.
-Turning rebelion into money, rarities and demos.
-Street preaching, live europe 92 and japan 92.
-Tortured genius, live 89 and rarities.
-Glastonbury festival, 27.jun-99.
-Oslo, 16-0ct-98.
-Leaving the 20 th century 2cd.

Manu Chao.
-Mendoza, 04-may-00, 2cd (some clix in some song).

Mission, the.
-Blood brothers, live 87-89.
-Into the dark, live hollywood, 11,may,90.

-Live pinkpop 2000.
-Plays live, various live 2000.

-Black sessions, paris, 17-11-95.

My vitriol.
-Conciertos de radio 3, Madrid, 13-03-01.

Nacho Vegas.
-Radio 3 concert, 0-jun-03, not setlist.

-Mixed and unreleased material.
-negative creep, live europe 91.
-Live and loud vcd.
Neil young.
-Collector´s heartland, outtakes, live japanesse ep´s 2cd.
-Warpath, live in the cathalyst, santa cruz, 13-11-90, 4cd.
-Yesterday of the horse, 1976, VCD.
-Munchen, 27-06-01 2VCD.
-Rusted out of garage, 21-nov-86 2VCD.

-unplugged, various.
-unplugged 2.
-live by the sea VCD.

Ocean Colour Scene.
-live at stirling castle. VCD.
-B-sides and free-rides, not availble in spain.no setlist.
-Acoustic in spain 99: radio3 concerts + concert basico40.no setlist.
-NIA 99- a must for ocs fan-.no setlist.
-Marchin´ onward. No setlist.
-Glastonbury 2000.
--Sessions, various localitates.

Otis Redding.
-The soul legend, live 66-67 stockhom, monterey, easy reader generation series.

Pat Benatar.
-Us festival 1983. VCD.

Pink Floyd.
-The wall avi or vcd.

-live in vienna 1989.
-brixton academy 26-06-91 2cd. No setlist.

-Acoustic and unreleased. No setlist no date.

-Trip-hop reconstruction, b-sides, remix....

Pretenders, the.
-Philadelphia, 11-03-00, 2cd.

-Only for the headstrong, remixes.

-Carry on camping, live glastonbury 95.
-Common people, live berlin, 2cd.
-Route du rock, 10-08-01.
-Live hardcore, 20-06-98.
-Primavera sound, 17-05-02, Barcelona. No setlist.

-Wembley 86 vcd.
Radio Futura.
-Rarezas en vivo 82-89.

-Super golden radio shows, 19-12-97, new york.
-Amnesiac in paris, 28-04-01.

Red hot chili peppers.
-Argentinafornication, luna park., buenos aires, 6-oct-99.

-unplugged II.
-Fanclub and christmas funtime, the singles.
-Monster at milton keynes, 30-07-95 2cd.
-We don´t play jimi hendrix songs, live bbc 27 oct 98.
-Philadelphia 84, 17th 10.

Richard Ashcroft.
-Benicassim, live june 8 2000.
-Munich 2000 2cd.
-Stockholm 2000.
-Live at paradiso, holland 2000.

Rolling stones, the.
-ladies and gentlemen, us 72 tour, vcd.
-live at the marquee club, 26-03-71, vcd.

Ryan Adams.
-Paradiso 2001, live 18-10-2001.
-Malmo 2001, live.

-A love affair with life, 13-7-84.
-Live and alive, usa 93.

Sisters of mercy.
-Some boys wander by mistakes-bsides and rare 12.

Smashing pumpkins.
-unplugged, compilation live?

Smiths, the.
-Thank you lucky stars, live los angeles 26-08-86.
-Same day again.
-Last of the english rose.
-Live in Madrid, 15-05-85.

-Live in usa 91.

-Sheperd´s bush empire, 26-03-01.

Stone roses.
-Stoned and destroned? 13-12-95.

Strokes, the.
-Columbia hall, 07-03-2002.

-Brainshake, live Copenhagen, 30-04-99.
-Giving head, rarities, b-sides and cover versions.
-Europe is our playground, 11-11-96 + studio demos.
-Studio Amstel, 8-06-99.
-Nude, the non album tracks collection.
-Unplugged and more. No setlist.
-Movin, Newcastle 28-05-92.
-Rising camp

Superfurry animals.
-Genetically modified, compilation glastonbury and Cambridge 99.

-Yoof culture, live glastonbury 95 and others fm records.

Teenage fanclub.
-The astoria II, 21-06-96.

-Edimburgh, 31-12-99.

The the.
-Save me, live 93.

-Glastonbury 2000.
-Leeds town hall, live 28-05-01.

-Melon, remixes.
-Jesus was a cool guy, live acoustic compilation.
-The golden unplugged album, compilation.
-Duets, with various artists.
-Wembley nights, volumes 1 and 2, august,11 93, 2cd.
-Barcelona, 08/08/01, 2cd.
-Video the best of 1990-2000- 4 tracks- avi or vcd.
-Rock pop concert vcd.

Van Morrison.
-I can´t go on... but I´ll go on, live montreaux 11-07-84.
-I like candy, live germany 19-12-98 and more. 2cd
-First time in warsaw, live 25-5-01. 2cd
-October in the rain, live manchester5 7-10-99 and more 2cd.
-San javier, murcia, 1-8-01 2cd.
-It´s all in the game, 08-09-00.
-Meet me in the german summer, 06-06-02.
-I like candy, 2vcd.
-Unplugged in the studio.(8-71 demos and rarities).
-Live at the rainbow, vcd.
-Van´s gem jools 1995-2000 vcd .
-The lion´s roar, 15/2/73 san anselmo, 2cd.
-Waterfront, 03-02-97 vcd.
-One irish rover 2vcd.
-It ain´t why it just is, 26-05-73.
-More candy, please, 09-07-99 2vcd.
-Rivers of time, 26-01-84 2vcd.

-Music for montserrat, 2cd, 15-09-97, Clapton, Sting, etc.
-Concert for New York 3VCD.

Velvet underground.
-End of cole avenue, Dallas, 18-10-69 2cd.
-A walk with... live tracks, outtakes... 5cd.
-Down for you is up, live cleveland 4-nov-66.

Verve, the.
-Lucky man in Boston, 03-08-98, boston, 2cd.
-Unplugged and electrified, various.
-Simphaty for the demos, various.
-Urban myths. No setlist.
-Pinkpop people.

Waits, Tom.
-Austin city limits VCD.
-Big time VCD.
-Romeo is bleeding, live Sidney, march 79.
-121 tears in a short glass, italy 24-07-99.

-acoustic, mtv 09/97 and more.

The waterboys.
1-the whole of the moon, live Dublin 87.
2-higher in the studio.
3-the windmill lane sessions.
4-a golden day, live glastonbury june 86
5-the garage, 14-08-97
6-manchester academy, 9-11-01 2cd (with some noise recording).no recomendable
7-a girl named johnny, pink pop festival 86, usa 84 and belgium 86.
8-scala, london 2001. 2cd
9-bsides 1.
10-bsides 2.
11-another pretty face (pre-waterboys).
12-madrid, the riviera 6-11-00
13-live in ancienne, brussels, 25-11-00 2cd
14-fisherman´s catch, more windmill lane sessions
15-live at the zenith, paris 84
16-unleashing the tethered ones
17-guthie theatre, minneapolis/st. Paul 90 (live at the twin cities).
19-alive on the inside.
20-license to play, live nl, usa, belgium 86.
21-born to be together, live europe 86.
22-rockpalast 2000.
23-the stars are alive, live san siro 86.
24-fareham, 30-03-02 live acoustic show.
25-m.scott- sligo, ireland, 7-10-99 2cd.
26-m.scott-live at the stables, 25-11-99.
27-m.scott and r.naiff, greenock arts guild 20-05-00.
28-m.scott rockefeller, oslo, 03-12-97.
29-m.scott-lions of love.
31-the docks, hamburg, germany 1990
32-wonderful green world-no recomendable
33-long beach 84 + los angeles 84
34-Sweedish Adventures Of The Waterboys (Lund 1989)(Big Music CD Tree Volume 2).
35-This Is The Sea - Live (Big Music CD Tree Volume 3)
36-Something Fantastic (Big Music CD Tree Volume 4)
37-Flying Solo 4CD Box (Big Music CD Tree Volume 5)
38-One Foot In Eden (Big Music CD Tree Volume 6)
39-Fleadh 2001 (Big Music CD Tree Volume 7)
40-Glasgow Barrowlands, 2001 (Hogmanay Recording/Big Music CD Tree Volume 8)
41-A Pagan Place Sessions (Big Music CD Tree Volume 9)
42-The big monkey vcd.
43-Conciertos de radio 3 08-oct-03.

-live rock am ring, may 2002.
-fillmore west, san francisco 2cd. 5-10-97.

White stripes.
-We´re the new carpenters, 06-12-01.

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